Are we really pluralistic?

From Dhaka Tribune:

Pleas for pluralism are not new in our country — one recently appeared in the DT — but these are often girded with references to the pre-colonial past. History certainly has its place, but using the past alone as justification for pluralism ignores the complex Bangladesh of the present.

Bangladesh has to be diverse. As one of the largest countries in the world (eighth largest by population), there are more Bangladeshis roaming the planet than, say, there are Russians. It should not be surprising, then, that this humongous populace is diverse in ideology, interests, and ambitions. People in such large numbers are bound to be heterogenous.

On the whole, however, diverse is not a word we use to describe Bangladesh, and many Bangladeshis tend to view the country through the narrow lens of their personal experiences. To some extent, it may be the fault of popular culture, which eschews complexity in favour of uniformity.

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