On 21st Feb, Amar Ekushey

“Language is called the garment of thought: however, it should rather be, language is the flesh-garment, the body, of thought.      

–Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)  

‘if a mother tongue is crushed, thoughts and ideas will inevitably die’

Sit down to breakfast at my parents’ and your ears will discern three languages running through the house. There’s my father on the phone in our native Chatgaiya. From the rest of the house, our simmering bisque of Bangla and English. Step outside and not much changes–not with forty or so living languages of Bangladesh interacting with one another. The cacophony resists a singular narrative and has long been ignored in national dialogue. On social media, however, this staggering linguistic diversity is being increasingly embraced. It’s celebrated like never before. Will this translate into the natural legacy of the Language Movement of 1952? I sure hope so.

Quote above from here.

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